About Us: Small Quilt Groups

Part of the LNCQ Mission Statement is to promote the maintenance of small quilt groups. There are many small quilt groups in LNCQ, each with its own personality and its own way of conducting business. There are a number of day and evening groups.

Some groups enjoy doing round robins, block exchanges, community service projects and many other activities. Besides the work that gets done there is high level of interaction and great fun.

Cindi Young is our Small Quilt Group coordinator. Cindi will help you get connected, give her the date and time you would like to meet. You can speak with Cindi at the general meeting, or contact Cindi at smallgroups@lncq.org .

Group Name Day & Time Contact Phone Space
1st United Meth
Church, FtC
2nd Wed 9:00AM Thelma Mauk 970-482-3012 Yes
4 Patchers Plus 2nd & 4th Thurs
9:30AM - 2:00PM
Maxine Tamlin 970-482-5819 No
Batting Beauties, FtC Last Mon 7:00PM Margery Richmond 970-377-1777 No
Cotton Club, WN 2nd Thur 10:00AM Bunny Sterk 970-686-9975 No
Country Stitchers, FtC 2nd Wed 10:00AM Susan Rowland 970-377-3458 No
Cut-Ups, FtC 1st & 3rd Mon
Genevieve Wolf 970-223-2009 No
Finishing School, FtC Last Tues 9:30AM Eileen Alexander 970-482-3134 Yes
Happy Scrappers, FtC 3rd Tues 9:30AM Pat Benz 970-226-0864 No
Kindred Kwilters, FtC/LV 2nd Thurs 10:00AM Brenda Dickison 970-482-2033 No
Kindred Spirits, FtC 2nd & 4th Thurs
Susan Kieft 970-223-4853 No
Loose Threads, LV 1st Thur 7:00PM Jackie Galbraith 970-669-2441 No
Material girls, LV/WN 2nd Mon 6:30PM Eileen Maelzer 970-663-1418 Yes
North Wind Quilters, FtC 2nd Wed 10:00AM Linda Curthoys 970-221-1928 No
Nuts & Bolts, LV 1st Fri 6:30PM Jackie Galbraith 970-669-2441 Yes
Patchers of the Rockies 2nd Wed 1:00PM Janet Dempsey 970-203-9930 No
Piece by Piece 3rd Wed 12:30PM Bonnie Brooks 970-686-5841 Yes
Pieceable Friends 3rd Tues 7:00PM Carol Deutcher 970-304-9995 Yes
Potluck Quilters, FtC Last Wed 10:00AM Darlene Johannsen 970-493-3482 No
Poudre Patchworkers, FtC 1st Thurs 9:30AM
3rd Tues 12:30PM
Thelma Mauk
Shirley Christian
Quilt Hollow Quilters 2nd Thurs 7:00PM Liz Hyatt 970-229-0771 No
Quilt Batts, FtC 2nd & 4th Tues
Skip Johnson 970-490-2711 Yes
Rocky Mt. Dreamers 1st & 3rd Mon
Nancy Pennington
Kim Calhan
970-482-2541 No
Sew n Sews, FtC 3rd Thurs 12:30PM
2nd Mon morning
Mary Hines
Joan Rossi
Sisters in Stitches, FtC 2nd & 4th Tues
Diane Smith 970-282-9746 No
Wacky Wed Women 2nd & 4th Tues
A.J. Erwine 970-669-6571 No
Women of the Cloth 2nd & 4th Fri
1st Meth. Church
AJ Erwine 970-669-6571 Everyone Welcome