Speakers, Classes and Workshops:

At the general meeting we have speakers that give a variety of programs. Some speakers give classes associated with their program, we may also provide a special workshops during the year. The special workshops may be a LNCQ member or a teacher that is invited to come in from outside of Fort Collins. Join us to learn a new technique from an experienced quilter or perfect a technique that you would like to share with the LNCQ members.

General Meeting - June 1, 2015

Harmony Presbyterian Church – 400 E. Boardwalk, Fort Collins, CO
6:30PM: Social — 7:00PM: Meeting — Guest Fess: $8.00

Guest Speaker: Carole Liebzeit - The Ugly Fabric Challenge

Carole Liebzeit Carole Liebzeit is all about color and design! A year round resident of Jackson, WY, she travels the world inspiring fiber artists and quilters to stretch their color boundaries and creative spirit. Her degree in art, use of the color wheel, nature, tribal textiles and extensive worldwide travel have all contributed to her popularity. A 40 year background in art education allowed for a progression of skills to be introduced and a color confidence developed.

Carole has taught and lectured in the United States, Europe and the Middle East and her work has been featured in a variety of media – both TV and print. Georgia Bonesteel filmed a segment in Carole’s studio in Jackson a few years ago for her PBS series on quilting. Her quilts and garments introduce totally new thinking about quilting and fabric design. They revolved around traditional blocks but have clear, bright colors used in unconventional ways.

Her June 1st lecture is titled ‘The Ugly Fabric Challenge’ and she wants the audience members to bring at least one ugly fabric (more is OK!) from their collection to the June lecture. Using the ugly fabric the audience brings, she will include them in her lecture and offer suggestions of how the fabric can go from an ugly duckling and grow into a beautiful swan. Let’s all take a moment and dig into our collection, find that fabric that looked so exciting long ago but has since been pushed to the back of the bin and let’s see Carole do her magic with it!

Carole Liebzeit Sampler Workshop – Color My Sampler with Big Prints
Tuesday, June 2nd from 9-3pm
Harmony Presbyterian Church
400 E. Boardwalk Drive, Fort Collins
$50 per person for LNCQ members
$60 non-members
A supply list will be sent out after sign up. Read about Carole's class on page 7.

Bring your large print fabrics to this inventive workshop and learn how to work with big and medium print fabrics! Participants are encouraged, but not required, to share their extra yardage of large print fabric with others attending so a large variety of big print fabric is available. This is a great workshop to learn how to work with large prints and it doesn’t have to be flowers! A picture of a sampler quilt of Carole’s work was on display at our April meeting, here is a photo for those who missed it. Kits are available if you don’t have suitable large and medium print fabric.

To sign up for the workshop please contact Shirley Christian at 970-568-7245 before May 25th to save your seat! It’s sure to be an exciting, funny and fun filled day of learning and sewing!

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