Speakers, Classes and Workshops:

At the general meeting we have speakers that give a variety of programs. Some speakers give classes associated with their program, we may also provide a special workshops during the year. The special workshops may be a LNCQ member or a teacher that is invited to come in from outside of Fort Collins. Join us to learn a new technique from an experienced quilter or perfect a technique that you would like to share with the LNCQ members.

general meeting - June 2, 2014

"A Pocket Full of Paisleys" with Lorilynn King

Lorilynn King Guest Speaker: Lorilynn King has a degree in EE and a career in IT, but her avocations are math related quilting and the art of color selection related to quilt making. A 4-H member for 10 years, she grew up in Colorado, entered a sewing project every year and continues to enter competitions. Lorilynn has agreed to share the process from concept to completion of "A Pocket Full of Paisleys."

This project, shown in the photograph, took 3 years to complete. The resulting quilt was on the cover of Machine Quilting magazine and she described in that Nov/Dec 2013 issues her 12 steps and the choices of supplies to accomplish this quilt. LNCQ will get to see this stunning quilt up close. Please welcome this talented artist who you will be privileged to meet and learn how she work through each process.

No class scheduled in June.

Upcoming LNCQ Events

August 4, 2014: Susan Torntori - "Care of Aging Textiles" - NO CLASS

October 6, 2014: Juliet Madsen - "From QOV Recipient to Quilter"
October 7, 2014: Juliet Madsen - "Creative Quilt Embellishment"

December 1, 2014: TBA